Friday, January 7, 2011

Photos of the past few days

The view of the southern mountains from one of the nearby super markets.

All of the local tow trucks are either green or red converted landrovers.

The boys under the walkway at The Spanish Language Institute

Our first trip to Hipermas (similiar to Wal-mart).
Well our first 5 days are behind us - we are tired but encouraged by the people we have met so far and the relative quietness and comfortableness of our new home. Because there is a small garden outside our window - we can actually here crickets instead of car noises and alarms. At 6:15 each morning we here our landlady's heels on the tile floor above us and a bird call that sounds a bit like a cat getting in a fight with a raccoon.

Since we are up at 6:00am each morning these noises are not so bad - now, we have not spent our first Saturday here but we are praying that our landlady sleeps in and so does the bird!

Tomorrow will be a new adventure with a trip to the market - held each Saturday at a sports park nearby. We are looking forward to stocking up on fruits and vegetables.

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