Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our new home

Our boys doing an exercise routine with
our friend John in our "front room".

Our back patio.

Our back door.

Lunch in our dining room.

Today was the first day of orientation for parents of new students. We toured the school and met the other 5 families that are starting this trimester. Tomorrow begins regular orientation from 7:30-noon for the rest of the week.

We finished at 11:30 today, returned to our new home for lunch (it is about a 15 minute walk and I can honestly tell you it is uphill both ways! - of course it is also down hill both ways). Costa Rica is rather "hilly". After a brief nap - we are still recovering from getting here and the preparation it took to do so- we walked about 20 minutes to a household goods store and a dollar type store with our big brothers. We were able to purchase pillows (no more sleeping on sweatshirts! :)) and a few more items for our kitchen.

The kids and I took a taxi home with our purchases while Eric and our friend John took another taxi (maximum allowed is 4 people) to the local mini - mart to get some meat for tacos. Needless to say we have yet to stock up on food and as it turns out- this particular store did not carry meat so we settled for spaghetti.

I am amazed at how much energy it takes to set up house in a new country. We are very dependent on others to help us find our way and not all of the stores carry everything- so several trips are necessary to complete shopping.

At this time we have not had time to "enjoy" Costa Rica as we are trying to get set-up before classes begin on Monday. We are told that classes are intense and we will be very tired when we return each day. Definitely a new adventure awaits us!

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