Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Yesterday was not a good domestic day for me. I have to laugh about it - there is enough stress already trying to make our way around without adding domestic messes to the list.

We had borrowed sheets for our first night here as we mistakenly thought linens were provided and therefore did not pack any. I decided to do a load of laundry in order to return them to their rightful owners, fresh. I had thrown some dirty laundry in a sink next to the washing machine as we do not yet have a laundry basket. BAD idea.

Eric was talking to our landlord in the front room and I put the laundry in- measured the soap by "eyeballing" it and walked away. About 10 minutes later I came into the kitchen and realized the entire floor was 1/2 inch deep in water! I did not want to make a big scene since our landlord was a room away from me so I took every piece of dirty laundry that was still dry and threw it on the floor to try to soak up some water. Then I used every towel in the place to soak up more.

Turns out that the washing machine drains into the sink - the sink where I had thrown the dirty laundry in. OOOPS. The drain as we also determined was and still is partially plugged adding to the problem. I have to say though that the floor was surprisingly clean - even before I washed it!

Needless to say I then had to wash another load of towels as they were the only ones we had and we needed them for showers. Eric strung up clothesline around four concrete pillars in our living area so that we could line dry them. See the above photo! I told Eric I was just trying to multi-task.

My second domestic blunder occurred at lunch when I was making mac and cheese for the kids. No strainer to be found so I used the pot lid. I was also giving instructions to my kids at the time and half of the mac and cheese ended up in the sink. Not cool. Bought a strainer today!

To top off my day we went to the store for a large run of stuff and I left the list in the kitchen.

So, is multi-tasking a good thing? Based on yesterday - probably not. Currently I am brushing my teeth while typing this -apparently I haven't learned my lesson yet! ;)

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