Saturday, January 29, 2011

The big & little things...

Another week of classes has ended here in Costa Rica. This week was a little easier as we are finding "our groove" here. The kids had a half day on Friday which was much needed - they all took naps Friday afternoon while Eric and I stocked our NEW refrigerator! Woo Hoo!
Delivery of our refrigerator! I was doing a little dance in the driveway! :)

The BIG thing - For the past 2 weeks we have not had a functioning refridge. The entire unit had turned into a freezer. Because of this we were having to go to the supermarket every other day for fresh food and then only cook what we could eat. This added a new strain to the mix. I have never enjoyed grocery shopping (I'll just be honest here) but yesterday when I was able to buy food for 2 whole weeks I was thoroughly enjoying myself! What a huge blessing from the Lord! I think He was teaching me something about thankfulness....

Our new refridge arrived .......... oh the anticipation of plugging it in ....... I know, but this was a big deal!!! Anyway we put it into place with our landlord - or at least attempted too. The refridge was 1/2 inch too tall to fit under the cabinets - ooops! The above picture is Eric and our landlord using a hacksaw to trim off that 1/2 inch. It was a male bonding moment. :)

The little things - I removed one of Eric's stitches yesterday. Just a little tiny black knot of thread, but oh how thankful we are for that thread. Tomorrow I should be able to remove the rest of them.

A pet - our kids have been asking, sometimes begging for a pet - generally right after they see a stray, skinny dog running around or following us home from school. We have always told them no - First because pets are a lot of work, second because they cost money and third becaue our landlord doesn't allow them. Well the Lord takes care of even those little desires - yesterday we found a light green gecko in our bathroom. He is quite pretty and VERY fast! Once he realized that he had been spotted he scurried under our free standing sink - to the point that we could not see him. Below is a picture of Eric trying to get him out.
He was not able to extract him so Kevin sat in the bathroom for an hour reading his book in hopes that "Bob" would make an appearance. Bob has not made an appearance since this photo, however just knowing that Bob might be in the bathroom has made the kids happy. They now have a named pet. How can a parent complain about that! :)


  1. I know I'd be happy to have a pet too!
    Adding your family and this mission to my prayer list! God bless you all.

  2. Thank you for inviting us to your website. We really enjoyed the visit and look forward to receiving your Newsletter as well. God Bless.


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