Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Packing has begun

Well, its not much, but its started.

The packing process is a real reminder of the "yeah" and "yucks" of going.

Each item in the house and every item we own has the four boxes.  Take it with us to Costa Rica (we can only take what we can carry), take it with us to Ecuador (we can take 10 quantity 55 gallon drums to be shipped one year from now), store it permanently (as long as it all fits on a 15 foot by 20 foot area) or get rid of it.

The kids did really well sorting through their rooms, stuffed animals and boxes of keepsakes - Maybe even better than I did while going through the garage.

Sunday was a wonderful time to catch up with friends and supporters and we spent most of the day Monday packing.  My brother loaned us a car for a few days to help move around and we have been very blessed by the care and concern of all the people around us.  Thank you.

Special thanks to "Two Men and a Truck" who donated 25 boxes to our family to help us pack the items we are leaving behind.  We met Dave Hunt - (the owner) because he was innocently having lunch the day everyone came to the Fat Burrito for the fundrasing event.  If you get a chance to thank him - please do.
We have 25 more days here to see all of you - we are already missing you already.

Praise the Lord for the continued support that has come in.

Nothing on the house yet.

Just for fun I included a picture of Joshua's 8th birthday party.

Blessings, Fogg's

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