Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our final weeks in Michigan - picture style!

We thought we would give you a picture glimpse of our last few weeks. Above - one of our kitchen cupboards- it has not been that bare since we moved in 14.5 years ago.

Very expensive paperwork! We will need to obtain student visas in Costa Rica and then working visas in Ecuador within the next 9 months.

Our tree - in 5 days it, too will be in a blue barrel to ship to Ecuador.

Our fireplace is in there somewhere! Two more barrels ready to be packed for shipping.

Tonight I said good-bye to one of my dearest friends. We have known each other since Kindergarten. After this photo was taken we shed some tears. Don't like good-byes.

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  1. Thank you for all you do to spread the Word of God to the world!!! The Yoachums, Jacksonville, FL (@yourfaveLMT - twitter)


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