Saturday, November 13, 2010

A taste of New Guinea Pidgin

This is an official language - not kidding!

Below is a brief conversation between two people that have just met. See if you can figure it out.



Nem bilong mi Soak, na yu husat?

Nem biklong mi Maruap.


Ating mi mas igo nau.

Orait, mi lukim yu bihain.


Let me know what you think - perhaps someday I will translate for you and demonstrate the appropriate motions with it! :)


  1. Ok, I'll give this a try.

    Good day
    Good day.

    my name is Soak..and you are?
    My name is Maruap.
    I see.
    Actually, I must go now.
    All right, I'll look for you later.
    Good day.

  2. Not bad,

    Here is the literal translation and the English equivalent. We watched some people perform this interchange and it was very funny.

    Good Day,

    Name belong me Sak, Now you who that? (my name is Sak, who are you?) - Waving like the Americans is fine - but when you point to the other person you need to keep your palm up (versus down like you are used to as it accuses the other person of a crime if it is palm down)

    Name belong me Maruap. (my name is Maruap)

    Sekan (shake) - finger tips only - not whole hand like in Americans)

    A think me need to go now. (I need to go now)

    Oright, I watch your behind, (OK, Good bye)

    Good day

    Eric Fogg

  3. I am happy that you guys are doing the Lords work for him God Bless you


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