Sunday, November 7, 2010

Long weekend

The boys with their new friends - too bad their friends are moving to Tanzania!
Adrianne and her new friend - Morgan!
Adrianne versus the lady camel. A farm
nearby has 2 camels mixed in with their horses.
This past Friday at noon we had to say goodbye to new friends. Our 3 week cultural awareness training ended. Many of those who left will be leaving for their respective fields in January like ourselves. We gave them a "healthy" goodbye by lining the street and waving and hollering as they drove out of sight.

11 "units" (families, singles, couples) are staying on for the next 2 weeks of language acquisition training. Of those 11 units 8 of them left for other locations for the long weekend. Our family, one other family and one single remain. It went from chaos to really quiet!

Friday we were able to watch the 4 kids of the other family while they went out. Yesterday we took a day trip to Dillion, CO - just on the other side of the Eisenhower tunnel. On our return trip we went over the Loveland Pass so that the boys could rock hunt at 12,200 feet. It was a glorious, sunny day. 43* at the pass. 73* in Palmer Lake at our home away from home. The ski resorts were packed.

Today we were able to connect with the son of some friends. He is a 1st year cadet at the Air Force Academy. We were able to worship at a local church and eat lunch.

Tomorrow at 4:00, 6 new "units" arrive to begin the next step in our training. Although it has been exhausting, we have also enjoyed the time away from the many things that keep us busy - sometimes overly so at our home.

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