Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Grief and Loss

Yesterday our morning session focused on going through the process of letting go and grieving our losses in the areas of safety, identity, home, competency, and support system when we leave for the mission field.

We have been extremely busy over the past few months and having to sit down and focus on the losses made us realize how much we truly will miss.

Our group was incredibly open and honest about their losses and it was a very emotional time of accepting our new reality.

During this time our kids were on a 6 miles hike - teaching them about endurance. Our kids enjoyed it a great deal and learned some valuable life lessons from it.

We are half way through our training here at MTI. The dorm style living has it pros and cons. A big Pro is that we have gotten to know people on an intimate basis rather quickly. The con is sickness. One person gets something and it goes around and around. Currently I am on the recovery side of a throat/cough bug. A few people are down with the flu.

This weekend is transition time so about 2/3's of our group will be leaving and 6 more families will join us for the next portion of training which is language acquisition. We are looking forward to having a long weekend and seeing some sites.

Please continue to pray for our house as it remains for sale. Interest has picked up since we lowered the price, yet again, but no offers.

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