Friday, November 12, 2010

Definitely not a linguist - yet?


Have we learned about the word Yet! I may not speak Spanish YET, but I am working on it.

This week has not been anything like we had thought. We came into the PILAT training being told that "all languages were the same at root." This is not exactly true. We did learn the common denominator - "you are human"!!!! Nothing else is the same.

We have spent 5 days with Dwight & Barbara Gradin and their team of linguists. We have learned phonetics, a new alphabet, a new language and have also learned how to give ourselvesia headache. Turns out that you can write language three ways. Your language, another language or phonetically. We have spent 5 days making hundreds of sounds from foreign languages to allow each of us to better hear and listen to how our mouths work.

For two days this week we spent 4 hours per day learning French. We played games with cards and did actions to involve all our senses in language learning. Needless to say my head hurts. After the 4 hours of class each day we spent the rest of the time doing speaking drills for many linguistic sounds. I learned a tremendous amount about the English language and I now have pity on anyone trying to learn it.

The entire course is not designed to teach any specific language - just the techniques needed to help in the learning process. The kids are learning New Guinea Pidgin. Kevin is learning the techniques while learning Russian, and Adrianne is learning German. We are being exposed to as many languages as possible in order to allow us to learn Spanish without an accent.

We are working on a cute story for you that we should have posted this weekend.

Looks like we are going to the Denver Zoo tomorrow to get away and should have more stories when we return.

Blessings to you all,


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