Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our day at the Denver Zoo!

A taste of New Guinea Pidgin

This is an official language - not kidding!

Below is a brief conversation between two people that have just met. See if you can figure it out.



Nem bilong mi Soak, na yu husat?

Nem biklong mi Maruap.


Ating mi mas igo nau.

Orait, mi lukim yu bihain.


Let me know what you think - perhaps someday I will translate for you and demonstrate the appropriate motions with it! :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Definitely not a linguist - yet?


Have we learned about the word Yet! I may not speak Spanish YET, but I am working on it.

This week has not been anything like we had thought. We came into the PILAT training being told that "all languages were the same at root." This is not exactly true. We did learn the common denominator - "you are human"!!!! Nothing else is the same.

We have spent 5 days with Dwight & Barbara Gradin and their team of linguists. We have learned phonetics, a new alphabet, a new language and have also learned how to give ourselvesia headache. Turns out that you can write language three ways. Your language, another language or phonetically. We have spent 5 days making hundreds of sounds from foreign languages to allow each of us to better hear and listen to how our mouths work.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend photos

View of the Eisenhower tunnel from Loveland pass.

11,500 feet - we tried to make a snowman but it was not good packing snow.
Lake Dillon - just west of the Loveland Pass.
Burial site of Buffalo Bill.

Long weekend

The boys with their new friends - too bad their friends are moving to Tanzania!
Adrianne and her new friend - Morgan!
Adrianne versus the lady camel. A farm
nearby has 2 camels mixed in with their horses.
This past Friday at noon we had to say goodbye to new friends. Our 3 week cultural awareness training ended. Many of those who left will be leaving for their respective fields in January like ourselves. We gave them a "healthy" goodbye by lining the street and waving and hollering as they drove out of sight.

11 "units" (families, singles, couples) are staying on for the next 2 weeks of language acquisition training. Of those 11 units 8 of them left for other locations for the long weekend. Our family, one other family and one single remain. It went from chaos to really quiet!

Friday we were able to watch the 4 kids of the other family while they went out. Yesterday we took a day trip to Dillion, CO - just on the other side of the Eisenhower tunnel. On our return trip we went over the Loveland Pass so that the boys could rock hunt at 12,200 feet. It was a glorious, sunny day. 43* at the pass. 73* in Palmer Lake at our home away from home. The ski resorts were packed.

Today we were able to connect with the son of some friends. He is a 1st year cadet at the Air Force Academy. We were able to worship at a local church and eat lunch.

Tomorrow at 4:00, 6 new "units" arrive to begin the next step in our training. Although it has been exhausting, we have also enjoyed the time away from the many things that keep us busy - sometimes overly so at our home.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Grief and Loss

Yesterday our morning session focused on going through the process of letting go and grieving our losses in the areas of safety, identity, home, competency, and support system when we leave for the mission field.

We have been extremely busy over the past few months and having to sit down and focus on the losses made us realize how much we truly will miss.

Our group was incredibly open and honest about their losses and it was a very emotional time of accepting our new reality.

During this time our kids were on a 6 miles hike - teaching them about endurance. Our kids enjoyed it a great deal and learned some valuable life lessons from it.

We are half way through our training here at MTI. The dorm style living has it pros and cons. A big Pro is that we have gotten to know people on an intimate basis rather quickly. The con is sickness. One person gets something and it goes around and around. Currently I am on the recovery side of a throat/cough bug. A few people are down with the flu.

This weekend is transition time so about 2/3's of our group will be leaving and 6 more families will join us for the next portion of training which is language acquisition. We are looking forward to having a long weekend and seeing some sites.

Please continue to pray for our house as it remains for sale. Interest has picked up since we lowered the price, yet again, but no offers.
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