Friday, October 15, 2010

Perserverance through photos

Can I please have a carrot? When we tried to leave and I put up my window, this friendly burro licked it! So glad they don't drool! :)

One of three narrow one lane tunnels we traveled through today.

Crazy Horse Monument
This profile picture is for you mom! :)

Today, our second "family reconnecting" day, was spent viewing large scale works of art and God's awesome, imaginative nature. The theme for the day really was about perseverance. The carver of Mt. Rushmore worked hard and persevered through the Great Depression in order to complete his dream - or mostly complete it. He died 6 months prior to the completion of his project. His son finished it.

This made me think about the many people that we all have in contact with each day. We may be the first step in their process of getting to know Christ on a personal level. We may only meet this person one time and may not be (most likely) the one to lead them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We may never see the relationship come to completion - but we need to persevere and be one of the steps. Our children or grandchildren or even great-grandchildren may be the generation to complete the tasks and relationships that we started. If we don't start though - there will be nothing to complete!

Our second stop was Crazy Horse - now this project ( in my opinion) is crazy. The project began in 1942 - just a few years after Mt. Rushmore was completed. From the casual observer (which I am) the project has not progressed very far since I was a kid. Talk about perseverance. The project is being worked on with public funds - no government involvement here. The sculpture is only about 1/10th completed and they have been working on it for 68 years! Are we willing to persevere and pray for a family member's salvation for 68 years?

Our third and last stop was Custer State Park - what a glorious place! If you ever get a chance to visit - it is so worth the $15.00 fee to enter. We climbed rocks, hiked around the lake that National Treasure 2 was partially filmed at (VERY partially filmed). We drove around more hairpin turns (when the sign says 5MPH - you know it is a hairpin turn)than I care to count. We went up and down and up again - to the point that our new front brakes were smoking a bit. We saw pronghorns, mule deer, turkeys, buffalo and "the friendly burros." See photos for the burros - I can honestly say that I have never seen the inside of a burros mouth so closely before nor been sneezed on one before - until today. PTL the antibacterial wipes! :)

While driving around this beautiful park we went through 3 very narrow tunnels - again a sign of perseverance. These were not natural tunnels created by God - these were carved out of the mountain, by man, tunnels. One narrow lane - much like the road to heaven. Only one car at a time could enter - what a blessing that all of us have the opportunity to enter heaven - it is not for one man or even one carload. If you haven't taken that opportunity - find someone you know who has and ask them. If you have taken the opportunity then make sure you are part of giving the opportunity to others!

There are so many aspects of our day that we have not shared and so many more photos but our family time is precious so I am off to watch 3 crazy kids in the pool! Blessings.


  1. Roberto MendezOctober 16, 2010

    Loving the pictures. Keep 'em coming... they allow us to live vicariously through you!

  2. It sounds like you are taking the most of your vacation time heading out west to enjoy, relax and regroup. We love seeing your pics!



  3. Emmett likes the picutre of the burro, and excitedly identifies all of you in the pictures!
    Henry and Elsa have suggested several times that we go to Joshua's house- I remind them that you're in CO, and they says "oh".
    Joshua- I have Anna from your 2nd class in my GEMS group, and she says "hi".
    Looking forward to seeing you all in a few weeks!


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