Tuesday, September 14, 2010

October - our "month" of change

October seems to be "our month." This past week while mentally preparing for the upcoming training I realized that many life changing events have happened to our family in the month of October. Without the first event, there would be no family. :)

One "fateful" day in October of 1993 in a cow barn (the cows were temporarily removed!) Eric and I met. 14 years, 3 kids, 1 business, 5 moves, 8 short term mission trips later,

October of 2007 - we felt the Lord calling us into full time missionary service.

October of 2009 - we were officially offered positions with HCJB Global in Shell, Ecuador.

October of 2010 - we will be participating in the last training required of us here in the USA in order to move on to language school.

Lord willing - October of 2011 we will be in our new home in Shell.


  1. This morning I saw you followed me on Twitter and could not believe when I saw you're on your way to Shell. I'm an MK from Ecuador and graduated from the AA in 87. We lived in Guaranda and the Pifo Valley (Tumbaco) and many of my friends were with HCJB. =] Ecuador is home. =]

    Praying you can be in Shell in Oct of '11.

  2. Buster McDivittOctober 01, 2010

    Just stopped by, thanks for following me on twitter.

  3. God bless on your journey! =) Thanks for the follow @ twitter.

  4. Carmela AlfonsoOctober 11, 2010

    May God be glorified in your lives :) God bless you and your family.


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