Saturday, September 4, 2010

Just in Time

This week has been a week of blessings and responsibilities - again. We were asked to speak at our Spanish Church last week(in English -we would have been there for 3 hours if we had to communicate in Spanish ;)! We gave our testimony and a little sermonette on perseverance. God was definitely at work - many people approached us afterwards with words of encouragement, stories of perseverance and struggles that they too need to choose to persevere through. Many people said our testimony came at just the right time.

We were humbled by the response and by how God has used the past 3 years of preparing us to on the mission field to minister to people here in their own struggles. He has guided us through the process of giving up our earthly possessions, "chipping off" our old habits and rebuilding our character from the ground up.

At times it seems overwhelming to continue to live and serve here while preparing to live and serve in Costa Rica and Ecuador. It would be easy to say "no" to opportunities that have been offered to us in the next few months , and sometimes we do, there has to be balance, but we also know that what God has done in our family's life needs to be shared so that others can see hope through it.

On a more personal note - we have been going through more and more items in the house and listing them on Craig's list as well as prepping for a garage sale next week. This has been freeing in one sense and sad in another sense. The house is starting to look a little empty - but we know that little by little (poco a poco) we will get through it. We also know that He will provide a buyer - just in time for our departure!

We are now at 83.3% of our required funding. Training in Colorado begins October 18. 43 days from now. In order to process our paperwork in time we need to have our applications in soon. Our requirement for attending the training is 85%. Only 1.7% to go. Just this week we had 3 more people join our support team! We are believing that the Lord will provide the rest- just in time. We also will need to continue to raise support to 100% while we are in training in Colorado. Applications for language school are due November 1. On a practical level this means that we are looking for 26 more families to join our monthly support team at $25.00, $30.00. $50.00 or $100.00 per month. Why 26?? Because we currently have 49 partners - add 26 and you get 75 - an easy number to remember! :) Having said that - I'm not one to limit God - so if He wants us to have 76 partners or 100 - so be it! :)

Last night we watched the movie, "Facing the Giants" as a family. One of the ending scenes in the movie is when David, a kicker on the football team needs to kick a 51 yard field goal, into the wind - something he has never done before. The coach asks him if he believes that God can make that field goal. David's reply is, "If He wants too." As David is about to kick the football the wind direction changes in his favor (just in time) and he wins the game for his team.

Two things about that scene struck me - First, we believe that God wants to send us to Ecuador and because we believe that we believe that He will provide our new support partners, just in time.

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