Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Balance-an illusion?

Balance - that seems to be a word that is eluding our family at the moment. We feel as if our daily activities are on the fast track lately. Our scheduled leave date is October 12 for Colorado. 13 days from now. There are several things we would like to accomplish prior to leaving and each day we make a list of things to do. Each day more items are added to the list while only a few are subtracted. At times (more and more) this is frustrating.

Biblically in Isaiah it tells us to wait upon the Lord in order to renew our strength. This discipline, (and it is one!), gets harder as the list gets longer. Waiting, for me, means sitting quietly for 15 minutes while my mind goes through my entire do list (generally I write it down) and then attempting to just be still. Apparently I need more practice in that area! In spite of my inadequacies in the "being still" department He still is giving me strength for each day.

I have to chuckle as I write this because I had to stop several times while typing to write down something else I remembered needs to be done. I have a feeling that we will be on the cell phone calling family and friends while driving to Colorado asking them to "do this or that" because we forgot.

Thank you for your on-going support through prayer and finances. Depending on how you figure the numbers we are at 90-93% of required funding. This number may change as health care costs are expected to rise in 2011. Please pray for the sale of our home. We recently had it appraised and again have lowered the price to correspond with the appraisal. We know God has just the right buyer in mind!


  1. Hello~
    Thank you for your first follow.
    I read your essay and wanna say thank you.
    It really needed to me that I have to have a balance in my life.
    Thank you.
    And..where do you work ?

  2. Thanks for the willingness to put you and your family on the front lines of the battle.. May God bless you and watch over you and may his angels be a constant guard against anything that the enemy would try to throw at you.. May the Holy Spirit continue to bless you with overflowing peace and love and joy.
    God Bless


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