Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blessings in Abundance

Have you ever felt unworthy? That is how our family is feeling right now. Over these past few months we have been so blessed with the generosity of friends and family that we feel unworthy to receive the gifts.

Earlier in the summer we had talked about the possibility of leaving for some required training in July. That did not work out, so although we were a little disappointed we knew God must have a reason for it and so far we have seen several.

1. First we have had the privilege (and fun) of speaking with several people about Ecuador and the journey we are on over the past 2 months. We recently even, were invited to set up a table highlighting HCJB Global at an event hosted by friends.

2. Second we have been richly blessed with further funding putting us at 79% of our monthly commitments and 100% of our 1 time needs are met! (This means that all gifts from now on will go toward our time in Ecuador - not language school or plane fare or training)

3.Third, we have met and found new friends over this summer - people we will truly miss when we leave. Even last night we had a couple originally from Guatamala stop by our house and stay for 2 hours while we practiced our Spanish and they practiced English. All because our daughter befriended their daughter in swimming class.

4. We have spent as much time as possible touring our own town and really taking time to admire the beauty of God's creation (especially Lake Michigan!)

5. I, (Renee), have had the privilege of being able to support a friend during the difficult process of losing her mom to cancer. ( She is now in her eternal home - PTL!) If we had left in July that would not have been possible.

6. We have an awesome and very patient Spanish tutor who comes to our home 4-5 times per week to work with us " gringos" in order to cut down on our time in language school.

I could list many more blessings that have arisen this summer but it would take pages and pages. In the meantime the Lord continues to teach us to trust in Him for our needs. It has been exciting and humbling to see how each day He gives us what we need, when we need it.

"From the fullness of HIS grace we have all received one blessing after another." John 1:16


  1. We are so excited for your progress!!!expect to see you soon!!

  2. I know what you mean about feeling humbled by the blessings of God. My wife and I have been so touched by the sacrificial giving of so many believers around the country to help us get through deputation so far. We are excited to get to the Philippines, but I wouldn't trade this time of trusting God and experiencing His blessings for anything. Thanks for being Twitter friends, my wife and I will keep you in our prayers.

  3. Thanks for the follow on twitter. God is so awesome and it is always nice to meet others that have a passion for spreading the gospel.

  4. Krstine FoggSeptember 12, 2010

    Hi Eric and Renee!
    We would love to post a flyer at the office about the Fat Burrito Wednesday. Would you email me something that I can print...! Great idea. We love you guys,xo Kristine and Adam


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