Saturday, August 28, 2010

About HCJB Global

What is HCJB Global?

HCJB Global is an interdenominational organization whose passion is to make disciples of Jesus Christ through Christian broadcasting (more than 120 languages/dialects), while meeting the basic needs in healthcare and community development. HCJB Global also provides training to indigenous believers so that they can effectively reach their communities for Jesus Christ.

What does HCJB Global stand for?

HCJB began as the call letters for a radio station in Ecuador. HCJB stands for Heralding Christ Jesus Blessings, or in Spanish, Hoy Cristo Jesus Bendice.

How did HCJB Global begin?

In 1927, Clarence and Katherine Jones felt called by God to begin a missionary radio station in Latin America. After they were denied approval by various countries they were finally able to secure the necessary paperwork in Quito, Ecuador. Their first live radio program was on Christmas Day in 1931.

If you would like to support us as HCJB Global appointees to Shell, Ecuador, please visit the HCJB Global Donations website. Thank you!

Friday, August 20, 2010

August Newsletter

Our August Newsletter was sent out yesterday. Keep your eyes open for it.

The return address is HCJB World Radio. Due to a mistake our names were omitted from the return address. The envelope does have a bright blue flower on it though - handstamped by Eric himself.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Meeting Steve Saint

Eric recently had the opportunity to attend the Osh Kosh Fly In, a yearly air show and gathering of thousands of planes in Wisconsin. His purpose in going was to meet Steve Saint, son of martyred missionary Nate Saint. Many years after his father was killed by the Huadoni Indians Steve took his family to live with the same tribe (who became Christians after the killings took place - see the movie "End of the Spear" or "Behond the Gates of Splendor.") The Indians asked Steve to help them become more "modern" as society was fast approaching the jungle. Part of that process led to Steve creating a "flying car". The flying car would allow Indians in the Ecuadorian jungle the ability to transport people to medical centers as well as carry cargo that normally would have to be walked in for 3-4 days.

Steve Saint, Hugo (pastor of our Spanish Church), Eric Fogg

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blessings in Abundance

Have you ever felt unworthy? That is how our family is feeling right now. Over these past few months we have been so blessed with the generosity of friends and family that we feel unworthy to receive the gifts.

Earlier in the summer we had talked about the possibility of leaving for some required training in July. That did not work out, so although we were a little disappointed we knew God must have a reason for it and so far we have seen several.
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