Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Departure Delay

I apologize again for the delay in passing along information. We have been busily trying to get our summer figured out. Two weeks ago we made the decision to NOT leave in July. Our funding is still coming in which we are very thankful for and we are now at 55%, however our home has not sold and we are not comfortable leaving that in limbo.

Although the decision is disappointing we are looking forward to our summer here. We know that the Lord wants us here for a reason so we are keeping our eyes open as to what that reason is. Already we have been able to be part of several families lives that are struggling - which we would not have been able to do if we were focused on leaving.

Our next opportunity to leave is mid-October. The training in Colorado takes place then through the end of November and language school begins in January. That will be our next goal. In the meantime we will be renewing our efforts to learn Spanish so as to cut down our time in Costa Rica and continue to raise funds.

Eric continues to keep busy on the boat restoration project which should end next week and he has 3 jobs lined up after that so we feel blessed in that regard. My employment as a therapist with a retirement home was terminated 3 weeks ago due to lack of work. I was hired on an "as needed" basis and their number of patients decreased so much that I was "not needed." I am still working for our neighbor trying to finish up the landscaping and continue to volunteer at all the kids schools and at a non-profit resale shop. This summer I will also begin home-schooling the kids again after a June break. The kids will need to go with us to the October training and will be in class themselves during that time so we are getting a head start on the school year - even if we chose to send them back to school in the fall for 6 weeks.

I believe that covers everything. We, as always, thank you for your continued support!


  1. poco a poco, we moved our dates a couple of times God is good there are things and reasons for your extended time in the states!!

  2. There are three indispensable requirements for a missionary: 1. Patience 2. Patience 3. Patience.

    Hudson Taylor


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