Sunday, January 17, 2010

Waiting, hoping and trusting

I'm not sure anything grips me more or yanks at my heartstrings more than to see men, woman and children suffering - as they are in Haiti. My initial response is - let's go! I'm not an RN or MD but I can comfort and hold and distribute food and help with clean water sources - anything to feel like I'm doing something to help. However, Haiti is not the path that the Lord has us on and therein lies the waiting and hoping and trusting.

Perhaps I am to use this time to re-acquaint myself with suffering in impoverished countries. It has been 9 months since we returned from Ecuador and as time passes it becomes easier to fall back into the "norm" of an American lifestyle. Haiti for me personifies poverty, sickness (both spiritual and physical) and death. Haiti brings back the feelings of helplessness when seeing the magnitude of the poverty problem - the feeling of being one "nut" in a peanut factory. Yes- I used "nut" on purpose! The Lord has used Haiti to renew in me a passion for the hurting, suffering people of Ecuador. Hurting, suffering people are everywhere but for now Ecuador is our calling. We will continue our journey.

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