Sunday, January 24, 2010

Time is marching on.

So... what have the Fogg's been up to lately?

Well since Christmas we have been busy preparing for our upcoming Training and Development in Colorado Springs. This has involved fundraising, hosting dessert nights, calling people, writing notes, putting together a power point presentation and photo book and in general, lots of talking about Ecuador. :)

We leave for Colorado this Wednesday and will return next week Friday. We were told that we will be occupied from 8 am until 8 pm most days. Pray for endurance and health for us as you think about it. Our children will be staying here in Michigan with friends and relatives so they can continue with their schooling.

Eric continues to work on the restoration of a boat for income and meets with people on a regular basis for fundraising. He is also diligently trying to sell our industrial building and continuing to study Spanish via Rosetta Stone.

I just completed my last seminar for this 3 year period in order to renew my OTR licensure and am involved in 2 nighttime Bible classes in order to complete my Bible credits needed for HCJB. I have also been scrubbing the house to within an inch of its life in preparation for our second open house which took place this past Saturday. Only 1 person came through - however it only takes one to buy it! I am also volunteering at each of my kids schools 1-2 times per week and going through boxes of accumulated items in order to sell them/store them/give them away.

Just today Eric and the kids attended a Spanish church here in town and we hope to continue this each Sunday after our "own" service at Central Wesleyan. We are trying to "immerse" ourselves in the Spanish population and language as much as we can prior to leaving. We have so much to learn!

As for fundraising- the Lord continues to bless us with gifts of all sorts and amounts. It is very humbling. Currently we are at about 20% of our needed monthly funding. Every week we are blessed with 2-3 more partners in this journey. Our good friend and IT expert has also made it easier for donations by adding a link to HCJB on our blog page. This will allow online giving and save the paper and stamp.

We are continuing to trust that the Lord has our departure date in the palm of his hands and are trying to "stay in the moment" versus rushing ahead. Life can be short as we were reminded this week. A missionary couple we met in Ecuador lost their 2 year old grandson this past week when he fell in to a tank of water and drowned. We met their grandson briefly when we were in Shell.
Pray for the LeBoefs as you think on them also.

Blessings to you and your family!

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