Tuesday, January 5, 2010

bagels and blessings

Our God is so good and faithful - why do we doubt that sometimes?

So as the economy worsens we are having to fully rely on Him to meet our needs and He has - more than we deserve. The other day while talking with a friend about food budgets - she mentioned that a friend of hers picks up unsold bagels a few times a week at a local bagel company and then distributes them. She asked if we were interested in doing a pick-up occasionally. Of course we were and 3 days later my friend called to tell us she had a couple of bags of bagels for us. What she failed to say was that each bag was a 35 gallon trash bag! What fun to repackage the bagels and distribute them to 6 other families while being blessed ourselves with a couple of months worth. Yummy! :)

We have also been blessed with the addition of 6 families who have partnered with us financially on a monthly basis in our calling to Ecuador. This means we are approximately 11% funded. We so appreciate every dollar and will honor it to the best of our ability. A commitment of $5.00 or $10.00 per month makes a big difference. We are excited to meet our next partners. Someday we hope to introduce our partners to the Indians of the Amazon who were impacted with the love of Christ through their giving.

Eric was also blessed with a raise at his work and our family has been healthy for the most part. We are blessed to sit under Biblical teaching at our church, to have friends to check up on us and pray for us and a roof over our heads during this cold, snowy weather.

The other day while listening to a Christian radio station they were discussing prayer. The gentleman on the radio said he prayed, "Big, Hairy, Audacious prayers". I like that thought. It is up to God to move - but I want Him to know that I am praying big, hairy, audacious prayers so that He can show up in big, hairy, audacious ways! Encouraging you to do the same!



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