Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hard heads and resignation

Never a dull moment around here! Yesterday Eric was preparing for an outdoor project at his parents house. For those of you who don't know his parents live on Lake Michigan. It was very windy here in Holland yesterday and you can imagine the force of the wind on the Lake. Anyway Eric and a man (Brian) from a local lumber company were unloading 2 sheets of plywood so that a dumpster could be place on it. After laying the plywood down they turned the other direction so they could talk over the wind. Eric said they never saw it coming. The wind lifted up the plywood which struck Eric on the back of the head. When he turned his head to "shake it off" he saw Brian fall face down on the pavement. Brian was not moving. Eric turned him over and realized he was not breathing. He prayed over him and turned him on his side. Brian then took a large breath but did not open his eyes for a few minutes. It was then that Eric saw the golf ball size "goose egg" on the back of Brian's neck. He had been hit with the plywood in the spot you would hit to knock someone out (like in the karate movies). Eric was able to load Brian up and bring him to the medi center and contact his family. Brain did not remember where he was or why his head hurt. Several hours later, after a CT scan, Brian was able to go home and was able to remember everything up to the point of impact. Eric has a lump on the back of his head, which is more from the shifting of his cranial bones than swelling. He took a long nap last night and will be going to see his brother, a chiroprator, this morning for an adjustment. Praise the Lord for hard heads and little lasting damage!

On a completely different note - I resigned from my manager position this past Sunday. It was a difficult decision and an emotional one but I know it is the right one. I have been so busy with the store that there is little to no time to prep the house for sale or begin the spanish study we need to. My last official day will be Friday the 9th of October. Pray for the store as you think of it, during this transition.

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