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Preparation Monday, May 5, 2009

Thank you all for praying for us – we need it. Let’s start with the praises. Last Monday I wrote down a list of “things that were going wrong” 10 items long. Some of them were very significant and out of my control completely. God is good – by yesterday 8 out of the 10 were either fixed or on the way to being fixed. This is no small thing. God is good.

Unfortunately our family was so busy and strung out with the things left to do, that we barely took time to thank the Lord for the 8 things. Despite our best effort to keep on track, yesterday the wheels came off. We were able to accomplish the task – but we were so exhausted when we finished that it took all the fun out of it. The kids were the one bright spot. They were playing on the porch, laughing and singing praise songs as part of their game. We sat wiped out listening to them. The little ones shall lead them!

We ended up staying at home last night and driving to Detroit this morning at 2:00 am. versus driving last evening and staying overnight near the airport.

All in all it worked out very well – but the process was amazing.

The new well system that was installed at out house dried up the basement, the ants have been vacuumed up, the shop is left in good hands with Al, all the kids school events (4 this week) got attended and no less than 5 people have offered to check on the house, get the mail and love on us – thank you all.

As I write this, we are on the plane to Miami. Uncle Steve Allen graciously drove us from Ypsilanti to the airport at 5:00 am this morning and dropped us off. They have allowed us to park the car with them and to pick us up again when we return.

The kids found the airport fascinating, the seats on the plane fascinating, the trays on the seats fascinating – you get the point. Joshua is messing with everything trying to explore this new world. Kevin and Adrianne took books along and once we sat on the plane we have not heard from them since.

The plane ride is beautiful, the clouds are towering up to 35,000 feet in huge billows – God really did a nice job. We will try to keep you posted. We anticipate spending the day in the Miami airport and arriving in Quito later tonight.

Please do not stop praying for us – the eternal part is just beginning.



Miami Airport is not that nice, but the sun is. We landed safely and spent the afternoon in the sun. We grabbed a bite to eat and sat out in the sun for an hour or more. We have not seen the sun in so long, we all got a bit pink, felt nice though.

We met a guy named Eric Lars whos relatives run an orphanage for a church in Bolivia. He was a great guy and had two God stories over the last trips he has been on. Story #1 – we asked him about learning the language (he spoke Norweigan, English, German and Spanish). He was describing a tme when he was very frustrated with learning Spanish and was unable to get it when he took a couple days off from the orphanage to go to another small villiage. He asked God to allow him to run across one person who spoke a language he did so he could rest from the strain. While in this small town he met a lady from his home church in Norway who was just passing through for the day – God is good.

His second story was equally good showing how God works all things together. He watched a DVD of a documentary and wanted to bring it to another orphanage but lost the phone number to it and could not find it. God told him to bring the DVD from Norway on his next trip to Bolivia and that he would meet the person who made the DVD in the airport. Through a long chain of events including him going to the hospital to have his heart checked out (it was fine) he missed his plane and met the lady in the airport on a shuttle bus. Wow! It was very encouraging to talk to him as all the things that have been going wrong, just gives encouragement that GOD REALLY IS IN CONTROL!

God told us that this trip was just part of the process. That’s all we received. We are looking forward to see what process he has in mind. We will let you know more when He reveals it.

39,000 feet on the way to Quito (central standard time)


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  1. AnonymousMay 08, 2009

    I check your house and all is well. pump is pumping I hear just a touch of air running through it but no problems. you may have an air leak to find if and when you let the pump cycle. your drain tile is down to a trickle may be having the sump cycle every 5-7minutes.

    front yard is getting deeper by a bit and flooding all the way to the road through the woods. thas good as it keeps the water further away for now. Its been dry but rain scheduled for sunday.

    My flying went awesome no crashes.

    See ya



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