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Wednesday May 6, 2009

Early to rise, well not that early. We made it to breakfast at 7:30 am with the kids. We stayed at the HCJB guest house, its like a small hotel with 8 rooms. It was very nice. The shower was hot and the water pressure was high. Life is good.

We were the only guests at the guest house and a local lady made us pancakes from scratch, some fruit I had never heard of, tomato tree fruit to drink (its like a mixture of orange juice and yellow tomatoes) and brownies. We sat and ate with her and she told us all about her family, her growing up years in Los Angeles and her father who still lives in Chicago.

After breakfast we met with Bruce (our host) and we were off. We toured his office, met with his office staff, met with another lady for our arrival interview, received an 1 ½ tour of the HCJB compound and the hospital. The hospital is about the size of the old Zeeland hospital (75 beds) and is very modern for Quito. They also have a large number of clinics around the city that assist in care. They see about 15,000 people a month.

HCJB is very, very organized. The original mission of short wave radio has been altered significantly in 2007 as they transitioned to help others start local FM stations in their countries. They have 300 partner stations so far in nearly 100 countries.

After all the touring, we had lunch at a small café. It was nice, they only offer one menu for each meal. Basic idea – do you want something to eat? Your answer is yes or no. It was home cooked and $3.00 per plate. Very good.

The afternoon was split up. I went with Hugh (another water person here), to find materials to build filters. We bought 3 different sized containers, screen to sift rocks and sand, fittings and small tools to complete the project. It took all afternoon. Quito is nearly a 1st world city. The hardware store was very impressive and the prices were not more than 10% over the US costs. There is very little you want to buy that you cannot find here. The filter training scheduled for Friday is for very educated staff of HCJB and Samaritans Purse. They want to see the filter, how it works, how much effort it takes to build it and how they can use it in the field.

The US dollar is the official currency and they are currently on Central time. They vary between Central and Eastern as they do not do Daylight savings time. The power is 120 volt 60 hertz and they drive on the same side of the road as the US.

While I was shopping for hardware, Renee met with Tannia (pronounced Tonya) about health and hygiene and went grocery shopping. She will have to tell you all about that, but we are trying to see how the hygiene training can be incorporated into their current teaching.

For dinner we went to Bruce’s house and had tacos. We had a very nice time and chatted till the kids were tired.

I almost forgot to mention, that we moved from the Guest House to an apartment. The apartment is a nice, two bedrooms, two bath, with a small kitchen. It will be great for our week here in Quito and only costs $16.00 per night.

Houses here do not have heat, air conditioning or insulation. The houses stay between 60 and 66 degrees all year long. The sun is intense, but its not hot. At 9,300 feet above sea level, its cold every morning, nice all day and chilly at night. It rains nearly every day about 2:00 pm and I am told it can rain very hard.

Oh – the water does go down the drain the other way here (clockwise).

Thank you all for praying for us – please keep praying.


From Kevin’s journal:

When we got up the next morning we got into our clothes, we went downstairs to eat breakfast. We had pancakes for breakfast. When we finished breakfast we went upstairs to brush our teeth. Then we got a tour of Quito Ecuador. First we walked around and had a tour of the hospital. We went into a lot of different rooms. We went into a library in the hospital. After that we went to a restaurant called Bone Knife (Bon café). After that we went back to the Guest House to pack and we left there to go to an apartment. When we got there we had to unlock a gate, and then a door, and then another door and then we went upstairs and unlocked our room. We went inside. After that I started reading a book, we watched a movie had a snack and watched another movie. After that we went to someone’s house to eat dinner. We had tacos and boiled bananas. Then we went back and went to bed.


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