Sunday, May 24, 2009

We are Home!!!

Good morning all - We are Home.

I would like to thank you for the prayers, e-mails and support we have received along the way. The journey was both inspiring and tiring. Everyone is safe and sound less nasty bug bites and a few bowel troubles.

Looks like the last time we had access to the internet we have just arrived back in Shell from Macuma. Let me catch you up to speed.

We arrived Thursday from Macuma and had a great flight. We went to the Nate Saint house for a small tour - he was one of the 5 missionaries killed by the Indians 50 years ago. Then we walked downtown for groceries and ate a simple meal at home. We unpacked from our jungle adventure, did laundry and repacked for Quito. The weather conditions are so different you almost need to pack for three trips. Colder Quito, Nice Shell, Very hot and wet Macuma.

We had met some great people in Shell, not the least of which was Rick and Sharon LaBouef. They live across the street from the HCJB Guest house and he flys into the jungle and preaches and shows movies of bible stories. We went to their house for dinner and to play dice. Steve & Diane Wilson (HCJB missionaries) also played. We had a great time. Adrianne and Steve were the winners of the two games - we had a blast.

Friday found us packing again for Quito. Sunshine was able to get to the House of Faith orphanage one last time to visit Daly (Dolly) to love on her. We had a great send-off. About 8 people that we have become acquainted with and felt like real family saw us off. It was great. We wanted to get a picture of the send off, but we missed it. The drive to Quito was long. The road is very curvy and up hill from 3,200 feet to 9,200 feet. All of us felt a little car sick. We were able to stop for lunch and had a break before we arrived in Quito about 4:30.

I chatted with Bruce Rydbeck (HCJB community development water coordinator- who invited us in the first place) while Sunshine and Adrianne went to the flower market. They bought 100 roses to take home. They had a blast.

Barely had time to collect our thoughts before the bus came to take us to dinner. We went to Pims restaurant on the top of the overlook of the city. Dinner was at 10,100 feet. The highest I have been for dinner. The view and company were wonderful.

Saturday was another serious travel day. Up at 5:45 am, airport at 7:00 am, suppose to leave at 9:15, left at 9:45. Suppose to arrive in Miami - thunderstorms. Held over Miami in the holding pattern for an hour, low on fuel so off to West Palm Beach. Sat on the Tarmac another 1 1/2 hours waiting for fuel before leaving for Miami. Arrived 4 hours late.

Fortunately our flight was in 2 hours. We went through immigration, customs, re-checked in through security, traveled by shuttle to the terminal and made it there with 30 minutes to spare before takeoff. God sent us an awesome porter who made everything go more quickly and efficiently. Life was not suppose to be this rushed.

Arrived by the grace of God in Detroit at 11:20 pm and was graciously met by Uncle Steve in our car. Loaded up, returned to Ypsilanti to drop of Steve and chatted briefly before leaving for Holland. Arrived in Holland at 3:15 am safe and sound.

Shower for some, bed for others. Needless to say we got up late this morning.

As a very pleasant house warming present, Judy, Tonya and Theresa (Koops side) cleaned the house, washed the sheets and put some food in the fridge yesterday anticipating our arrival. What a blessing. We were so beat, we had forgotten about food in the fridge and - miracle of miracles - there it was. God is good all the time.

Overall the trip was very successful. We really like HCJB and felt right at home. The work is very Christ centered and there is enough work to keep 1,000 workers busy in Gods ripe fields for lifetimes. As we prayerfully consider what to do - please pray for us. We will pray for you as you look for opportunities in the mission field that God has placed you in.

There are some big needs that God is working on in and around our home. As we experience his answers, we will continue to keep you posted.

Thank you and God bless.


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