Friday, May 15, 2009

Thursday, May 14

Thursday, May 14, 2009

French toast and fresh pineapple for breakfast this am. Finished up the 500 piece puzzle we started last night and began with the sand washing again.

I washed sand all morning with Alex while the kids did homework and Adrianne watched Benjamin (Alex and Alfredo’s 8 month old) Eric went off to the airport which is across the street to borrow a drill – of course it doesn’t hurt to walk around and talk with the Mission Aviation Fellowship pilots and check out their planes while you are at it!  They fly Cessna 206’s for those of you who know what those are.

After lunch more sand washing while Eric, Alex and Alfredo went to the military base to check on the helicopter that is supposed to deliver a water tank to the jungle tomorrow. (It has not arrived yet so it probably won’t happen) and then they went to the mine again for more sand and built a water filter at Marta’s house. Marta is the breakfast cook and housekeeper here at the guest house.

The kids, Benjamin, Diane (a new missionary with HCJB) and I walked the 5 blocks to town for groceries. We stopped at the meat market first for hamburger and chicken. The grocer was very proud of his meat and said he would sell American ladies anything they needed in the way of meat. Next stop was the bread shop. Everything looked and smelled great. No preservatives in their stuff. Went back to a small market that I had visited on the first day for the rest of our supplies. The proprietor there is very friendly to “Gringo’s” and finds it very humorous that I keep buying baking chocolate for Eric. It is the only decent chocolate around and is quite good – not bitter at all.

Washed sand for another hour upon our return and made dinner. So nice to have the upper floor of the guest house to ourselves. Feels very homey.

Went to Steve and Diane’s house (new missionaries that live 500 feet away) for dessert and to talk about HCJB and the requirements necessary to start.

Tucked the kids in bed around 9:00 – they have been falling asleep within minutes of hitting their pillows every night.

We are realizing more and more how much is involved in the preparation and even the necessary courses and language studies in order to part of HCJB. It is a very well run organization and highly respected around here which is attractive about them. We still do not have clear direction but are very interested in pursuing the next step.

By the way – it did not rain today! People write that on their calendars around here. I was pleasant and overcast this morning and quite toasty this afternoon when the sun came out. I saw my first cockroach today – he was a little one and lots of gnats. They must like the sunny weather too.

Until the next time!

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