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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother’s day! Out day started a little later today. 6:30 as even the dogs sleep in on Sunday!

After breakfast we were able to call our mom’s via Skype. We have a very intermittent wireless connection. The best location is the roof of our apartment building in the NE corner. We still do not have a strong enough connection to download pictures so we will have to wait until tomorrow and hopefully we can get connected on a computer at HCJB headquarters.

We walked the 100 feet to the English Fellowship Church. Our apartment complex shares a fence with the church. There were about 200 people there. I would say 75% North American/United Kingdom and 25% Ecuadorian. The message was on humility. It was quite good and the pastor was passionate about the subject. They also gave each of the mom’s a single rose. It turns out that a large amount of the roses imported into the USA come from Ecuador. Roses are about $3.00 a dozen here. I’m told the rose’s shipment arrives in Quito on Saturday’s but we are not familiar enough with the city to try and locate it.

Our plan was to take a bus to the Equator Monument but the family (especially me) is in need of a day of rest so we are hanging out at the apartment right now. Eric and Joshua made dinner. It was a conglomeration of stuff as half of our food froze in the refrigerator. I’m thankful not to have to cook though.

Kevin and Adrianne took an hour to wash the dishes but had a great time singing while doing so.

The day is beautiful – we have not had rain here for 2 days now which I’m told is unusual. We’ll take it though. Perhaps tomorrow we will go to the equator.

While Sunshine rested, the kids and I played in the church yard next door and played cards. It was quite a nice time. You still have the urgency to do something outside because the sun is out – but it is out all the time.

After a nice, much needed nap (by Sunshine) we walked to the grocery store to get milk and then took a little walking tour. We handed out packets of Oreo’s to the armed guards and produce sellers as we walked. I think we made a few friends.  There are more armed guards in six blocks than the police department for the city of Holland. We saw some beautiful flower arrangements and stopped to take pictures of them. Turns out they were funeral arrangements. I think the guard thought we were loco. The flower attendant did not mind as we gave her Oreo’s.

We then discovered a Dominoes Pizza so we stopped for a pizza. The prices are similar to the US but the ingredients tasted slightly different. I’m sure the ingredients are healthier as everything is made from scratch here. The pop also has cane sugar versus high fructose corn syrup in it so it tastes much better.

Back to the apartment for laundry and boiling water. The city of Quito does have some chlorine in the water but still can contain parasites so we boil it and then let it set overnight.

Kids are watching a movie and settling in for the night. More sand washing tomorrow!

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