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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Dogs and screeching tires (thank goodness there was no “crash” sound after that) were our wake up calls this morning.

Bruce picked us up after breakfast and we drove to the village of Papallacta (2.0 hours) where HCJB had built a hydro-electric dam in the early 80’s and where there are hot springs fueled by the Antisana Volcano.

It was a beautiful drive up through the Andes Mountains. We crossed the pass at 11,200 feet through light rain and fog. Bruce has lived here for 25 years and we could tell based on his driving. It was quite an adventure on the 2 lane winding road with buses and semi’s and the occasional rock slide or broken down vehicle. The kids felt a little “woozy” but soon recovered when we stopped for gas and to check out the dam.

The hot springs were beautiful. At 10,800 feet up it was raining but the pools were a beautiful temp. There were 5 pools, some hotter than others. There was also a river pool which literally dumped some of the river water into a basin. It was a shock to our systems but fun to quickly dunk in the river water (about 50*F) and then jump in the hottest pool (about 100*F). The kids had a blast swimming.

On the way back to Quito we stopped at a little restaurant for lunch. $4.00 per plate and the plates were huge! The kids ate 1 plate between them so we have a lot of leftovers. They have started to complain about “icky” stomachs so they are resting now before we go to dinner at a HCJB staff’s house. They really have done well – although they are not fond of the beans and rice side dishes. Thank goodness for good old Skippy Peanut butter. Peanut butter is very expensive here and they only carry one brand so I followed the advice of a former ex-patriot to Ecuador and brought my own from home.

Dinner was with Martin and Ruth Harrison from England and they also invited Jeff and Tammy Kooistra and their kids. The dinner was very pleasant. We talked of home, the Harrisons are from England and the Kooistras are from Grand Rapids. The dinner conversation was light duty, but very lively. It was refreshing. The Harrisons leave next Monday for England for a 3 month furlough and the Kooistras have been here 11 years. The kids had a great time playing together and got along great.

Kids are tired and getting ready for bed, story time is “Bud not Buddy” that Sunshine is reading to the kids and everybody is glued to the story.


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