Monday, May 18, 2009

Saturday and Sunday

Hello family and friends-

This is a short update. Our computer has such a dead battery that it will not take a charge so our lengthy updates are not accesible right now. We are scheduled to leave this morning for Macuma - a village farther into the jungle - currently are waiting for the fog to clear so our MAF plane can take off.

The helicopter never did arrive so no tank in the jungle. Saturday we spent most of the morning doing homework and relaxing. At lunch Adrianne was not feeling well so she went to bed while Eric and the boys and some of the other missionaries went to a water park in a nearby town. After Adrianne woke up she felt better so we walked to the orphanage and spent some time with the kids and did a little therapy. After an hour she was not feeling well again so we headed home to make dinner. Everything takes longer here - the chicken needs to be thoroughly washed in clean water which does not come directly out of the faucet and the oven only heats to 250. We ate at 8 pm. and watched a DVD of the Andy Griffith show.

Sunday- Adrianne is feeling much better so we went to church with some missionaries across the street. He is known as the Gringo Loco - crazy white man because of his flying techniques. Very nice family though. After church - which was very long as I only understood 1 of every 10 words and it went 2 hours we went to a beautiful restaurant near Shell. We had a 5 course meal for $5.00 per plate and then they had a pool in the back that we swam in - it downpoured so the kids had a blast.

After returning we started laundry and packing. Eric took the boys across the street to the Gringo Loco *Rick*'s hangar to watch them work on the plane and then they ended up staying for dinner while I studied my health and hygiene.

We won't be available until Thursday - at least if the planes are able to pick us up then- the weather here is extremely variable due to the mountains so we may not get back to Shell until Friday. Take care and thank you for your prayers and support!

The Fogg family

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