Sunday, May 3, 2009


Hello all-

Wow! That is about all I can say for the amount of "stuff" that has happened over the last few weeks. We are scheduled to leave for Detroit tomorrow afternoon with an early flight to Miami and then Quito, Ecuador on Tuesday.

We currently are only partially packed, have carpenter ants in the kitchen and a sizable pond in our front yard due to flooding. It has been quite an adventure. This week we did have an exterminator come out so hopefully the ant population will significantly decrease while we are away. Eric and De Wind Dewatering put in 7 wells 2 days ago in the pouring rain and Eric and my dad hooked them up Friday so that we can pump the water away from the house in order to keep the basement dry. So far it is working well and the basement has been bleached to kill any mold. It is the first time since mid December that we have had a dry basement.

We hope to keep you informed via this blog during our time in Ecuador however we are unsure of internet connection capabilities. Our first week will be spent in Quito (mountainous) at the HCJB Complex providing the staff with filter building training. Our second week will be in the village of Shell (jungle) training locals in filter building and some health and hygiene. Our third week will be spent farther in the Amazon jungle again doing filter builds.

If our family comes to mind we would love your prayers as we and HCJB Global are evaluating if our family fits their needs on a longer term basis.

Thank you and Adios!

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