Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Monday, May 11, 2009

Another beautiful sunny 80* day.

Sand washing and more sand washing. Eric, Joshua and I washed 6 more bags of sand while Adrianne and Kevin worked on their school work. This took 3 hours to complete and then we ate a quick early lunch and headed North to the equator via the bus. The bus system was crowded but not nearly as bad as the trolley system. We had to switch buses at the terminal. It took an hour to get there.

The monument park was not busy at all and we had a nice time wondering around and taking pictures. As it turns out there are 3 equator monuments and only 1 is exactly on the equator. We saw the most popular one – not the precise one.

We returned via another bus – good thing we had a map. No terminal this time and we had to walk about a mile to out apartment – thank goodness it was downhill! After a week here I can tell my body is getting used to the elevation – I am not nearly as winded as initially.

When we returned from the equator we spent 45 minutes going over filter information with HCJB staff and then were picked up by Clark who has run an orphanage here for the past 19 years. He took us to see it and we had an opportunity to play with and feed the kids. It is one of the nicest orphanages I have ever seen. They have approximately 50 kids right now – most below the age of 4. They do have 10 older children, 8 of which are handicapped in some way (moderate to severe Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome). These children are considered un-adoptable and therefore will probably spend the rest of their years in this orphanage. The other 2 older children are healthy however their mother will not sign over her rights.

80% of the children will be adopted by Ecuadorians. This process can take up to 4 years. The government will only allow handicapped children to be adopted by non-Ecuadorians but they make this very difficult. The orphanage does not receive any government assistance – yet the government does not want the children adopted out either.

We returned from the orphanage around 7:00 pm and put together a “unique” dinner from the little food we have left in the refrig. We did some laundry, packed up a bit and are heading to bed. We are scheduled to leave tomorrow for Shell at 8:00 am for further filter training.

Thank you for all of your prayers. We definitely are feeling them. We would love to post pictures but our signal is weak. We are hoping that it gets stronger in Shell so we can share.

Foggs – from the middle of the earth!

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