Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Well we finally have news - not the kind we were hoping for - but news none the less.

Living Water International finally contacted us and said they are not looking to do anything with the Kenya position until late next Spring.

Eric then contacted another water mission organization who had previously suggested an interim position for him in North Carolina. The position was filled this week.

The kids are excited that they can stay in their classrooms for the rest of this year but Eric and I are still in the throes of disappointment. We now have to re-group and see where God will lead us next.

Until we know more,

The Fogg Family

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  1. Good evening Sunshine,

    I am borrowing a internet connection so I only have a minute or two. Iam currently in Capacian Haiti and we have had quite a day. Church this am - you would have loved it. About 30 people and do they love Jesus and can they sing and clap.

    After church we went for lunch to a restuarant and had better food. I had curry chicken - it was very good. Of course just about anything would be good after a week of rice and beans.

    Hard day today - lots of stuff broke - generator, well is leaking and nothing went very well.

    We wired another generator into the system and we have light tonight - really appreciating light this week.

    We leave here tomorrow about noon and should be in Florida long enough to call you and tell you where I am.

    Love you and I hope your weekend with Adrianne went great.

    Read Ester - lots to talk about.

    See you tomorrow, Say hi to the kids,



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