Thursday, October 30, 2008

Proposal 2

I know this has nothing to do with our hoping to assist 3rd world countries with clean water while presenting them with the "Living Water" but I do believe this is a mission field on its own.

Proposal 2 has been weighing heavy on our hearts especially since we have found out that evangelical Christians are considered the "mushy middle" on this issue! For those of you who do not know anything about the proposal- let me fill you in.

Proposal 2 if voted in would permanently alter the Michigan Constitution and therefore make it impossible to nullify in the future. Proposal 2 would allow the scientists to remove stem cells from embryos for the purpose of "potential cures." This proposal would allow the legal killing of human embryos for science. The proposal would ban any state law that night "prevent, discourage, or restrict research, or create disincentives to participate in the research." In other words we could try to make a law that would put restrictions on embryonic stem cell research but they would not be legal. This proposal gives the power solely to the scientists and the politicians in Washington!

But don't we want to have cures for things like cancer, Alzheimers, Multiple Sclerosis and spinal cord injuries? Absolutely! Do you realize that to date there have been ZERO cures or effective therapies using our smallest human beings, embryos. Embryonic stem cell research has been legal for several years - including here in Michigan- and yet there are ZERO cures to show for it!

ADULT stem cells and stem cells taken from the cord blood of newborns (which is generally thrown away immediately at birth) have demonstrated 74 different therapies/cures to date! 74!

Why would scientists want to pursue embryonic stem cell research then? Human cloning is the answer. Currently in England scientists are combining embryonic stem cells with those of cows and monkeys in order to create a new species! Weird science is no longer in Frankenstein movies but is now reality. Human cloning would also be a great way to grow new organs. Should we be allowed to kill our smallest humans for the purpose of providing new organs for those already born?

There is currently a ban on human cloning in Michigan, however the co-sponsor of Proposal 2 has introduced a bill to the Michigan Legislature already to overturn that ban. If this proposal passes it will essentially open the door to human cloning because the current ban "restricts, prevents and discourages embryonic stem cell research".

The University of Michigan currently has the 4th largest embryonic stem cell research lab in the United States. It is NOT illegal in Michigan as the proponents of Proposal 2 will tell you. Michigan has to purchase the embryos from other states in order to conduct research which is a very common practice.

The proposal also opens the door to human egg trafficking. In California they are already looking at ways to purchase eggs from women because there is a shortage. Do we need to exploit the poor women and college students who are looking to make money?

The embryos will be discarded anyway - why not use them for science? Embryos can only be discarded if the parents give permission to the doctors to do so. Other embryos can be given up for adoption (Snowflake ministry). Parents also have the choice as to how many embryos they want created in the beginning of the process.

Jeremiah 1:5 - "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you."

Please bring this proposal to the forefront of this election by telling your neighbors, family and friends. Furthermore bring it into your churches. It is NOT illegal to bring the information into your churches. Proposals are non-partisan and therefore do not affect churches tax-deductible status.

Right to Life of Michigan has worked very hard to get this information into the churches and have been repeatedly turned down because the issue is Political. Since when is preserving human life, created in God's own image political? Don't let the government scare you into silence, you have the legal and moral right to bring this information to your fellow church goers.

Don't let this election pass without telling someone about this proposal. Don't be one of the Mushy Middle!

If you need more information, yard signs, or brochures please contact me and I will supply you with them. Check out the following web-sites: and

Our smallest human beings are relying on you.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Well we finally have news - not the kind we were hoping for - but news none the less.

Living Water International finally contacted us and said they are not looking to do anything with the Kenya position until late next Spring.

Eric then contacted another water mission organization who had previously suggested an interim position for him in North Carolina. The position was filled this week.

The kids are excited that they can stay in their classrooms for the rest of this year but Eric and I are still in the throes of disappointment. We now have to re-group and see where God will lead us next.

Until we know more,

The Fogg Family
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