Saturday, September 6, 2008

September 6, 2008

September 6, 2008

The well was test pumping today. By Kenyan Law the well must pump at capacity for 24 hours to test how fast the well replenishes. This wastes lots of water to the joy of many children and adults. The well is 1,000 feet deep and is producing about 18,000 liters per day. This is more than expected by almost double and they are thrilled to get it.

I ended up staying with the well for a couple hours before leaving for our next destination. We had to cancel the trip to Rwanda (I am still in Nairobi Kenya) as we have a very expensive shipment for Living Water International that has been held up at the airport. The shipment is from India and headed to Sudan, but it got tired and is resting here. We are trying to figure out what made our package tired so we can be sure it had a good rest to send it on its way. Nothing is easy in Africa.

This afternoon I went to Kijabe Kenya to look around. I visited a school and enjoyed the view of the rift valley. On the way back, we ran across two accidents. The first was a semi-truck rolled over in the road and on fire. No one was around and he truck was just burning away. I could not tell if the cab section was still attached.

Farther up the road we were stopped by a semi-truck that decided to drive off the side of the mountain. The cab separated from the tanker behind and fell 400 feet into the valley. Both people died. The commotion was beyond logic. Another person has told me many times that Africa is a logic free zone, but today was my first experience with the real logic free zone. When a major accident occurs on a small two lane mountain road both lanes of traffic are stopped as the accident is cleared. Since each side did not have opposing traffic, the cars decide they can get ahead of someone else if they drive in the opposite lane until the reach the site. When this happens on both sides of the accident – a real mess occurs. You cannot move any cars in either direction. This must have happened 100 times as the accident was clearing. People were always getting out of line to cut off someone and stopping the flow of oncoming traffic which causes incredible troubles. Police were standing all around but nobody cared.

The wrecker at the top of the hill clearing the accident, barely moved the cars off one lane before more cars piled onto the scene. Everyone wanted to be first, but nobody wants to lead. I though of that veggie tale video and wanted the entire country of Kenya to watch it. It probably took 1 hour to clear the accident and longer than that to try to remove the confusion caused by the cars. I am sure that the accident will not be cleared up 100% for more than 4 hours.

Anyway I am back at the hotel I was at the last three nights (The Hampton House) in Nairobi and will be here through Tuesday.

Thank you for holding our family in your prayers,

Eric still in Nairobi


  1. Wow, Eric. We are vicariously experiencing this right along with you -- we as Americans tend to want to turn a blind eye to this part of the world. Thank you so much for forcing awareness. We are all traveling down this path with you, but you, my friend, are doing the work. This seems to be the beginning of a great plan . . .

    When do you come home? We would like to have Renee and the kids over for dinner.


  2. I went to Utube and viewed the deplorable living conditions in Kibera. It's hard to imagine people living like this. Even harder to imagine is the living with not only the lack of food and water but also (one of the videos said) having to pay to use a toilet, if there's one close enough. (1 toilet per every 1000 people.) 10% of the population orphaned children, estimated 30% HIV positive. Why would we ever complain about anything? It breaks my heart seeing this.

    We bury our heads in the sand and pretend it's not there. God please save us from our comfort. The world is an ugly place and children suffer the most from it.

    Thank you brother for bringing this to us.




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