Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sept 2 & 3 2008

Tuesday September 2, 2008

Wow is all I can day about the traffic. We spent 5 hours in traffic today and covered about 50 miles. The amount of cars, the smell of diesel smoke, the constant stopping and starting was more than anyone should have to take.

The day was not without gain. We met two companies that will most likely turn out to be great assets for LWI. This is a long story, but you will have to take my word for it.

We were stopped on the road for 30 minutes waiting for the president to pass by on his way to the airport. This was no small task for the police to remove literally thousands of cars off the road. The town was thrown into chaos as he was whizzed by at 80 miles per hour with his 12 Mercedes and BWM bullet proof cars. Quite a scene.

I am starting to sleep better and get used to the time change, but I am not willing to have to drive with this traffic.

Tomorrow I will be going to the game park and I am looking forward to that. I will try to take good pictures and post them on the site.

I have not had alone time and will need it soon. Pray for discernment and good listening skills.

Thank you for keeping me and the family at home in your prayers,

Wednesday September 3, 2008

Fun day today. I went to a game park very early in the morning and saw some of Gods great creation. This type of park you get to stand in an open van and drive around to see animals. They are all wild and loose on a 20,000 hectare preserve. The animals are not feed, so the lions eat what they can and so on.

I saw zebras, antelope, giraffe, large land turtle, gazelles, water buffalo, warthogs and several others. We had a good time although it was cold and a bit rainy (not bad though).

Back to the slum today to see the well project and a free afternoon.

Keep you posted.


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