Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The road home

Monday September 8, 2008 and Tuesday Sept 9, 2008

Good day all,

I have had to write these two days together as indeed they have been. I have currently been up for nearly 30 hours and I am not through yet. This writing finds me homeward bound one day early and not quite sure life’s next turn. The trip went successful, I think, as I was on a “watch and see” mission. Never have I done so little in such a long period of time. I suppose it is necessary to see what life is really like – but I felt a bit like a photographer shooting a National Geographic film with the “Look, but don’t disturb anything so that everyone acts natural” mission. Unsettling.

To bring the story round, we never did make it to Rwanda. We did however locate the “tired” package that had decided to stop and rest in Kenya for a never discovered reason and get a commitment that it will continue on its way this Wednesday. We will never be sure that this actually happens until after it arrives, hopefully in one piece, but we prayed it would. Due to the schedule alterations, we had free time we were not anticipating. We were able to meet with an old past friend of Bruces and he is a passionate Jesus lover with a heart for missions. He is Kenyan and actively sends his people “out” into the world. I heard the most humbling statement from him. “If 3 or 4 weeks pass without being able to lead at least one person to Jesus, I get nervous that I am not doing something right and I have to examine myself to make sure I am going the right way” What a servant of the Lord. I want to be like him.

We headed homeward early because of an act of God. There appears to be another hurricane that is headed for Texas. Bruce lives in Houston Texas and his wife asked him if he could come home early to help attend to the preparations in case it came their way. We had nothing to hold us back, so the flights were changed and I am heading back one day early. I should arrive in Chicago about 4:00 pm CST Tuesday the 9th. We are currently over the Atlantic Ocean, south if Iceland, but I should be long since home by the time anyone reads this.

The next steps will be hard. Holland Custom is creating hard questions that have to be dealt with soon. I have expressed interest in continuing dialog with Living Water about Africa, but it will be some time before I hear anything. Family needs some attention and I have to figure out how God wants to use me in both the near and long term. Life is making so many turns now, that even I am having a hard time keeping up. I imagine that a few decisive decisions in a few hard places will clear things up quickly.

For me, I have to admit that I learned much – but I am not sure I know what to do with it. The information does not appear to fit into our old life and we have no new life in which to place it. I do not want to give the impression that I feel “lost” as I have never been so found – I am just not sure what to do with this new information. I kind of feel like Ben Franklin with his discovery of electricity – great stuff is anybody could figure out how to harness it and then find something to do with it.

I have started a list of life goals that I am working on with Sunshine to help define some of the unknowns. Please keep praying as we seek direction.

I will try to keep you all posted as we continue on our journey,

Eric (8 hours from home and badly in need of a shower)

September 10, 2008

I arrived safe and sound late last night and its good to be home. I was able to sleep and should be over jet lag by tomorrow. I was able to put Adrianne on the bus this morning and am looking forward to waking up the boys soon.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. I will be taking the day in hiding to play with the family, but will be available tomorrow and beyond.

Please continue to pray that we will know Gods will on our upcoming life changes.

Love you all and I will update periodically from here.


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