Tuesday, September 23, 2008


It has been a couple of weeks since our last update and we have been asked this question many times, "Well"? Appropriate question since we hope to be putting down a few wells soon - I know that was bad. I will try my best to answer that question although I don't have many answers.

Overall Eric felt very positively about his trip to Kenya and said he would be interested in pursuing the position. The issue being that while he and the representative from Living Water Inter. had to deal with some corruption that had been occurring in Kenya which may take 6 months to 1 year to clean up. LWI would like that issue resolved before sending anyone over there.

Hurricane Ike also knocked out power to the headquarters in HOuston so they have been functioning on a generator for the last week. Their biggest fundraiser is also this weekend so they are a bit busy and we are giving them some time to process everything before bombarding them with questions.

That is the best I can do in answering the "Well?" question. In the meantime we are busy with school, homework, piano, soccer and church activities. We will continue to keep you all informed as we know more.

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