Sunday, August 10, 2008


Hygiene training under the palapa in El Higo.
The first loaded truck, right before it ran out of gas. Nearest station is 18km away.
Yesterday was a busy day. We picked up our translator and headed to El Higo in order to build water filters. Valentin (the translator) and I (Renee) walked around the village and invited all of the families to come for training. When the time arrived 6 families came. No men, just children and the women. The men work until 1:00 on Saturdays and then, unfortunately, they buy alcohol on the way home and drink too much. We built a filter while explaining the process to the ladies. They were very attentive and asked alot of questions. The president of the children's home and mayor of a nearby city also came. He had a great time watching and helping. When we completed the training portion we determined to make the filters in their homes as they weigh 250# when complete. No one was at the children's home when we arrived so we had to locate keys for the truck. No easy task. Once located we loaded the truck and drove to the first home. The first filter took about 45 minutes and then we prayed over it and the house. When we got into the truck to go to the 2nd home the truck would not start. Out of gas! We ended up borrowing a sad looking wheelbarrow and completing the next 2 filters. We then towed the truck back to the home and loaded up a different truck to complete the last 3 filters. Our translator had recently had surgery and was not allowed to lift over 5# so Eric and I did all of the lifting. I always wanted defined muscles in my arms. I may get them yet! Of course as the first few houses received their filters other families wanted them. We told them they had to come to the training in order to receive one. We will be going back to offer another training tomorrow.

Today we attended Bible study and church then headed to Arteaga for their market. We wondered the market for an hour. It was a bit disappointing. Most of it was chinese plastic toys with a few food vendors thrown in.

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