Friday, August 8, 2008


Today was hygiene training at El Higo. We arrived early to prepare for the 10:00 training. I was then told that the ladies would be coming at 3:00. We rectified that by inviting them to come at 10:30. No one was there at 10:30 so I waited until 10:45. One lady showed up and reported that the other ladies would not be coming because they were so busy.

She was correct except that the children, teenagers and one man showed up. It was quite fun to work with the kids and the senor was very funny. After 1.5 hours I gave them a 10 minute break except they did not leave so I continued on. We covered alot of ground in 2.5 hours.

The rest of the day was relaxing. We finished up cleaning the house in order to move out. We are now back in the first house we stayed in. We will stay here until we leave for Holland next week.
We also took a long walk. We were very winded when we finished. It is taking awhile to adjust to being a mile high. More storms rolled in off the mountains today. We have seen rainbows nearly everyday since we arrived.

We were also able to watch part of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics on the Pastors TV.

Tomorrow is more training and building of bio-sand filters in El Higo. 2 groups from Holland arrived today. One from Christ Memorial and 1 from Lakeshore Vineyard. We will be working with these groups a little next week.

Adios mis amigos y familia

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  1. Aaaah....the frustations of our life -- all caused by one decision in a garden so many years ago. Thanks for keeping on, persevering and lovin' on the folks you meet there. The Wysong's


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