Tuesday, August 5, 2008


This is the house where we are currently staying.
The boys were very hot. This was taken at the church. The little girl, Cale, is the daughter of the missionaries whose house we are staying in.
Adrianne painted this mural on the wall of the childrens room in the church. Some one then outlined it in black.

Today plans changed again. I am learning to be fluid. I'm told we can't be flexible because eventually you will break over time. Our training in Monterrey has now been moved for the third time to next week due to a hurricane in Texas. Long story. We hope to build 20 filters and provide training to a small village near the childrens home on Friday and Saturday. In the mean time we are continuing to help paint and clean the church.

I (Renee) have decided I will conquer this Mexico driving! I bravely took the wheel yesterday and got in my defensive driving mode. One mile down the street there is a construction zone. It is down to one lane going my way only. No one cares if it is my way! 2 cars were headed straight toward me so I politely stopped to let them through. A car passed me on the left and motorcycle on the right and then laid on their horns as they narrowly avoided a collision with the wrong way vehicles. Eric definitely handles the driving better. I felt bad that he has done most of the driving until I found out that I need a copy of my marriage license to drive our vehicle. If I were to be pulled over I need proof that I am married to the registered owner of the car. I don't feel bad anymore! :)

Currently we are making fly traps. They have huge issues with flies here.

Next time we hope to post something about our actual mission of clean water. Pray that God would open the doors before we leave next Saturday for more opportunities to present the filters, hygiene and the gospel. We have alot of interest but scheduling seems to be a problem.
Mexico time vs. America time.




  1. Hi Fogg Family - I just wanted to pass along these words of encouragement to you from Ruth chapter 2...If during your time in Mexico you feel "powerless" to accomplish what God wants you to do, know that He will accomplish good things through you when you do the following:
    1) Work hard (vs. 2)
    2) Be humble(vs. 7)
    3) Be gracious (vs. 10)
    4) Reach out to others (vs. 11)
    5) Trust your life to the overseeing power of God (vs. 13)

    Praying for you that you sense God's presence and leading for His divine opportunities while you're there!

  2. Hey, there, I guess it'd help for you to know the anonymous posting was coming all the way from Chicago. - Praying for you from across the miles, Kay

  3. Wysong FamilyAugust 07, 2008

    Wooh! We have been praying for your trip -- that Jesus' will is done. Thanks for the updates...it's wonderful to be able to follow along.


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