Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Good morning all-

We are just leaving Birmingham, AL. We are heading to Nashville for a couple of hours and then on to Bowling Green, KY to see a little of Mammoth Cave. Home from there.

After our discussion at LWI, the African director suggested we visit Kenya. He randomly threw out that he was leaving for Kenya on August 28 if we wanted to go with him. I am not able to go as all of our kids start school on September 2 but Eric will be leaving from Chicago next Thursday. He will spend 6 days in Nairobi and 3 days in Rwanda before returning home on the 10th of Sept.

Amazing how God works. Nothing like we had planned but He knows best as we remind ourself daily!

Continuing on our journey - The Fogg Family

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  1. So great to see how God is using this trip to Mexico for a completely different purpose than you could have thought or imagined. It'll be exciting to see how He leads you both through this.


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