Thursday, July 31, 2008

We have arrived.

Hello All-

We have arrived. Safe and sound and not too much worse for the wear. We left Laredo this morning around 10:30. It took awhile to get our visas and car permit after crossing the border (and making a wrong turn). We stood in line for 2 hours and then when it was our turn it took another 30 minutes to process the paperwork because everything had to be hand entered instead of scanned. I'm sure this is the first of many "patience teaching" moments to come.

We realized our own ignorance as we were attempting to read the road signs. My dictionary did not have most of the words in it so we took pictures of the signs and asked our hosts when we arrived. The toll road was in excellent condition although there were alot of Texas armadillos! For those of you who don't know what a Texas armadillo is -think shredded tires strewn everywhere. As we were going down a small mountain the truck next to us blew his tire, but thank goodness it remained intact.

The exchange rate is 10.25 to the dollar but not if you pay in cash at the gas station. Then it is 9.5 to one. The toll rates are posted on the booths but they add to them - we have to figure that out yet. $11.75 posted means $13.00. We have alot to learn!

Currently we are staying in a mission house next to the governors home. Needless to say crime is non-existent in this neighborhood. The proprietor grew up in the Upper Peninsula but has lived here for 26 years. He has German Shepard puppy that is as tall as Joshua and greeted Joshua with a lick to his face. From chin to forehead!

We will be staying here for 2 nights and then moving in with a pastor and his family for 7 nights and then back here for 6 nights.

It is a good thing that Eric is a defensive driver. Our host was not very good at giving directions and did not know the names of the streets. He gave us landmarks instead. It was quite an adventure to get here. This city has a population of 690,000 and I think we saw all of them during our tour!

It is late and we must rest. Look for pictures soon.


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