Sunday, July 27, 2008

Little Rock Arkansas

Very early morning,

Its 6:14 am CST and we just got gas and took a 2 hour nap at a truck stop in Osceola, Arkansas. I forgot about the bugs! When we pumped gas there were 2 inch cockroaches all over the place. Winter may not be everyone’s favorite, but it kills bugs DEAD!

Only Sunshine and Kevin were awake when we crossed the Mighty Mississippi near 3:00 am.

Overall things are going very well. The car is running wonderfully and is getting about 22 mpg average. We had a great send off. We started the day taking out trash and getting ready to go. We went over to the airport for the plane unveiling and about 20 people showed up as well as the Holland Sentinel. I included a couple pictures of the plane. Stop by the hangar to see it anytime.

Family volunteered to take the kids to the lawn tractor pull at the fair for a couple hours so we could finish the errands and that was amazingly helpful. Thank you Ben! We had a nice prayer send off from the Fogg’s and from Dwight Beal who stopped over to learn how to run our lawn mower.

Sunshine left the house spick and span as she hates returning to a dirty house. It looks nice and smells good also. The basement started to dry out this week and that is a great relief.

We have been vey blessed and cannot wait to see what God has in store for us. Pray that the meeting with Living Water International that is scheduled for August 15 can be rescheduled until Aug 18 as it conflicts with our current schedule (or that our schedule would change).

On another note we installed “Skype” on our computer yesterday. This allows for voice over internet provider. We do not have video on our laptop – sorry. We are looking for someone to test it out with. If you have Skype on your computer please give us a lesson on how to “get connected”. I assume you need to make an appointment to insure each person is at their computer. If you are interested – let’s chat. We are on the road for the next three days, so it’s hard to do an appointment, but we can page your computer to see if you are there.

It is now 2:00 pm and the kids are having a great time in the hotel pool. It is 100 degrees today. We ate breakfast 60 miles from Little Rock at a greasy spoon restaurant. They do like their butter! We then drove around downtown Little Rock, toured the capitol building and a few other historical sites.

Time for lunch! Enjoy the photos!


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