Thursday, July 24, 2008

Two days before departure

Less than 48 hours before we leave! I am currently typing this from the deck overlooking Lake Michigan at my in-laws house. It feels good to stop and breathe for a few minutes.

Just when we think we are prepared to leave, something else pops up or one of the items on the “do list” takes three times as long as we anticipated. We are planning on leaving town Saturday evening and driving through the night to Arkansas. We are hoping that this will take off some of the stress of driving 2200 miles with 3 kids by having shorter driving times during the other 3 days. After stops in the Hot Springs, Texarkana and San Antonio we hope to arrive in Saltillo on Thursday (31st) in the afternoon. We will have a few days to rest up and then start hygiene training and bio-sand filter building. We will also be helping the local pastor with VBS and working at the local orphanage. Our plan is to return on August 21 but just 2 days ago we were returning on the 15th, so we are trying to be flexible (Eric is fine, I’m trying!)

We took the last 2 days to clear some of our schedule while in Saltillo in hopes of preventing burn-out. We also wanted time to “focus on God” in order to determine if Saltillo is where He wants us to be. It seemed that 4 different organizations in Saltillo decided they could use us while we were there and suddenly our schedule was very full. We enjoy hard work but don’t want to “blast in, do a few water projects and blast out” without forming relationships.

Also this past week I (Renee) found out that my trip to Central Asia has been cancelled. The missionaries there found out that the government has denied their visas along with 6 of there 8 staff members and is beginning the process of shutting there organization down. Last year 90% of the missionaries were kicked out of the country but they had high hopes that they would stay for awhile yet.

In the meantime our meeting with Living Water International which was moved twice and then cancelled has now been re-scheduled for mid- August on our return trip home. We met with the executive director today here in town and he asked us to stop in Houston for further discussion of possible projects where we can be used.

Eric has finally finished the T-33 jet fighter plane! PTL! It looks nice but wow did it take some hours to complete. It will still need to be mounted on a post and installed at Park Township Airport- but that can wait until we return.

Our basement is finally starting to dry out which is a relief. I have been scrubbing mold off the concrete floor and everything is still piled on the benches down there. Lord willing when we get back I can put it back together again.

A friend has loaned us a laptop computer for our trip so we hope to update you as we go along. We may even figure out how to upload pictures. J

Thank you from the bottom of our feet (heart seemed to high) for all of your financial and prayer support. We really appreciate it – more than you know.

We will keep you posted!


  1. AnonymousJuly 24, 2008

    Hey Eric,Renee,and family!
    I pray that God would have His hand of favor and blessing on you. This is an awesome thing you are doing. Our family will be praying for you.

    Love You in the Lord,
    Mike Kelley

  2. versadrillJuly 25, 2008

    I will be thinking of you guys. Please be patient on your drive with the kids. I won't see you before I leave(off to Ft. wayne IN Sat. noon).God bless. Lance


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