Friday, July 11, 2008


Family and Friends-
We are so humbled by the support we have received since announcing our trip. We are so blessed and we thank you so much.

We are continuing to prepare for our trip, (now 2 weeks away), to Saltillo, Mexico. Plans seem to change on a regular basis but the dates have remained relatively the same. We are scheduled to leave on July 26 and return around August 15.

Originally we scheduled a meeting in Houston with Living Water International. The date for that meeting was changed twice and then cancelled by them recently. We were disappointed but just found out that the Executive Director will be in Holland 3 days prior to our departure and we will be able to meet with him them to discuss options. We are unsure about a sending organization yet, although several non-profits have suggested that Eric work for them as their "salesman". Imagine that! Eric a salesman! :) Although we are flattered at the offers that is not where our heart lies at this time. We truly want to "do missions" as a family unit in another country.

During our time in Mexico we will be meeting with a mission agency that strictly works in Mexico who is interested in providing clean water for its country as well. We are staying with an American missionary pastor who has offered to be our tour guide and introduce us to the "right" people.

We have also been invited to a sand-making business and a rotary club in Monterrey to talk with them about the different options for clean water.

Eric is continuing to work with the painters of the T-33 for the Park township airport and continues to meet with people interested in assisting with clean water projects.

Renee will start her pediatric therapy observation next week to prepare for a possible trip to Central Asia this fall.

The kids just finished a week of VBS at a nearby church and soccer camp in the evenings and they are looking forward to camping next week.

Until the next update...........

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