Monday, July 28, 2008

Hot Springs Arkansas

What a nice day we had. The car AC was working better today after we prayed over it and we drove to “Hot Springs” AR. What a nice town. We walked all around the downtown, toured an old bath house, rode the “ducks” – it’s a boat/bus for tours. It was HOT – the air was about 100 and the humidity was high. Makes for uncomfortable people.

The hot springs were very interesting and the water was hotter than I thought – about 140 degrees. The 48 springs give about 1 million gallons per day. The place also had some very nice buildings and was the boyhood home of Jim Dobson and Bill Clinton. What an irony. We also went to a wax museum and enjoyed the air conditioning more than the figures.

We ended up driving to Sulfur Springs Texas and staying at the Best Western. Its very nice, has a pool and the kids are currently swimming. We ate at a 1950’s diner called “Broadway Café” – it was fun.

Note for Ben Fogg – We went to see the USS Razorback submarine – you would not believe the stuff they can put in such a small space. I have pictures for you.

The evening was perfect – 92 degrees and no bugs. The family is settling into a driving routine and things are going smoothly.

Please pray that God prepares the way to allow us to know if Mexico is where He wants us.

Thank you for your prayers,


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