Tuesday, June 24, 2008


We are continuing to prepare for our trip in 4 weeks to Mexcio. We just received our international driver's licenses. It is important NOT to smile when having one's picture taken for such things. I think both of us look like prisoners!

The trainer's training for me (Renee) has been put on hold until we can determine how long we will be in the country. The amount of time that would need to be invested in order for me to train others is not something the leader wants to take on if we are leaving in 6 months. Lord willing my pediatric shadowing will begin soon. The "key" people are on vacation currently and therefore I have not begun that either. In the meantime cleaning up the water in our basement has kept me busy.

Eric has been diligently working on recruiting people for a water symposium this Friday here in Holland. The symposium will involve several mission organizations and businesses who are involved in or hope to be involved in bringing clean water to 3rd world countries. He also just finished the majority of organizing work for the display of a T-33 airplane on the Park Township airport property.

We are anxious to "get going" on our journey but the Lord knows when it is best so in the meantime we wait while enjoying summer.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Exploratory Trip

Yesterday we found out our housing in Mexico has come through. It looks like we will be leaving on July 25, driving down with our kids, stopping in Houston for a meeting with Living Water International and continuing on to Saltillo.

We hope to spend 10 days - 2 weeks in the Saltillo/Monterrey area exploring and meeting with some business men whom we made contact with recently. They would like for us to present the different options for clean water to their business partners.

Lord willing we will come away with an answer regarding whether we are to "set up camp" in Northern Mexico or look elsewhere. He continues to meet all of our needs as we wait on Him.

Join us in prayer as we seek to follow his direction for our lives.
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